Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charlie McCarthy's World

Michigan based videographer, Charlie McCarthy, lives in a beautiful world.  The sun shines through leaves which rustle in the breeze, the sun sets with the most fascinating array of colours and even algae moves in a elegant way.

ˈælɡə (2010)

Tahquamenon falls (2010)

Flight Patterns (2009) first caught my eye, and then via McCarthy's Vimeo page I discovered that it was not just a one time observation.  He manages to catch the details of the smallest things that we normally take for granted or worse, just don't even notice.

Flight Patterns (2009)

In Afterthought (2010), his newest video is clearly one in which the imagery has been collected over time, featuring sunset's from different settings.  It worships the sun and the images are gilded with the amazing golden light he captures.

Afterthought (extended version) (2010)

I want to live in Charlie McCarthy's world.

You can find Charlie Mcarthy's imagery on his Vimeo page and photographs he has taken outside of the video's on his flickr page.  I struggled to find more information that what is on these pages as McCarthy seems to be google-proof, sharing his name with a ventriloquist's dummy from 1947(!).  

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