Saturday, October 9, 2010

How it would be if a house was dreaming

Hamburg Kunstahalle has been transformed into a living piece of artwork, 555 KUBIK by projection artists Urbanscreen and Art Director, Daniel Rossa.

In 555 KUBIK, O. M. UngersGalerie der Gegenwart  is transformed into an architectural doodle which responds to the details and graphic qualities of the building.  To someone who has not seen the building in it's natural state, it is difficult to tell the difference between projection and permanent features.

Urbanscreen work at transforming buildings from flat walls with windows into moving works of art.  Spacing, another video of one of their facade projections shows some behind the scenes preparation before the main even screens.

555 KUBIK was awarded a Silver Lion in Cannes and Silver by the Art Directors Club Germany.  Images sourced from

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