Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Photourbanism

An image of 'interrupted urban landscape' from Robert Polidori's book, Metropolis

An interesting commentary by photographer, David Cowlard, on the merging of print and digital media and how photographers and publishers are responding to architectural, technological and wider world news developments.

It is interesting to see how the way we view images will change with the developments in digital media and to see how the traditional print media adapt to be seen online.  There are obviously more opportunities for experimentation with sound, frequency and interactivity when viewing images online.  

In print media, the impression the images leave are determined by the images themselves and the text the viewer chooses to read with them.  Online, images can be seen in quick succession, one after the other and are more likely to be seen as a set, influencing the meaning and impact of each other.

Praying to Jesus, March 2009, Bruce Gilden/ Magnum Photos

'The expansion of digital imagery and electronic media is transforming the world of publishing. As photographers and news organisations start to present visual stories as part of an integrated approach to online rich media and video documentation, the way that photography reaches new audiences is changing too.'

Newspapers are embracing these online changes to varying degrees.  The New York Times and The Guardian are leading the way in adapting their content for the online viewing from the workplace outwards by merging their print journalism and new media departments.  This shows that the future can be one where print and online media work together not in competition.

House, March 2009, Bruce Gilden/ Magnum Photos

Sao Paolo, by German photographer Claudio Hils, published in the book, Dream City

Whilst David Cowlard's article for Blueprint Magazine offers some more complex ideas on new media's response to architectural and photography in the urban environment. Images sourced from Blueprint Magazine

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