Saturday, October 2, 2010

There's something about snow

The snow and the sky in this image make it.  The light reflects off it leaving a crisp blue hue and the sense of calm after the storm.  I can imagine being right in that insulated atmosphere.

Comparing one house against the other in a plain and simple way is unusual for architectural photography, it is normally about the 'cool' angle focussing only on it and representing the building in it's best possible light.  Here the light is amazing, but the fact that the photographer, Scott Norsworthy has allowed the viewer to see other buildings around it which contrast directly is even better. You can see what space the architects had to design the house to fit.

Designed by Teeple Architects, Heathdale House, Toronto has also come to my attention as the outside is used as the location in the film Chloe a thriller by director Atom Egoyan.  The film uses Ravine House by Drew Mandel Design for the interior location.  It fits amazingly with the script, giving the instant impression that the characters are exposed to the outside world.

A Daily Dose of Architecture goes into more detail about architecture in films and images sourced from Scott Norsworthy, Teeple Architects and Drew Mandel Design.

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