Monday, November 22, 2010

Lanvin hearts H&M

Tomorrow (23 November 2010), H&M is due to release it's latest design collaboration collection. This time round it is the designs of one of the oldest French fashion houses, Lanvin who will be brought to the high street.  These collections are such limited runs, you are lucky if you get one of even the most low-key items, that the clothes seem to come second to the hype and PR trail that they leave behind them. 

For me, it is the concept, advertising and marketing design around the campaigns that stands out and shows the creativity of not only the high fashion house they are collaborating with but H&M themselves.

This latest collaboration with Lanvin is no exception.  The attention to detail and individual hand crafted touches to the labels, posters and paper bags are something to behold.  And they will be given out with each purchase from the collection.  The illustrations by Alber Elbaz, Artistic Director of Lanvin are carried from the clothes themselves and they use material and ink together to create this unique Lanvin H&M look.  

The feature length advertisement, The Show, adds to this Parisien style and fits with previous H&M collaboration films which have become known for their slight insanity and surrealism.  Notably the film campaign for Viktor & Rolf in 2006 which exhibited a wedding scene filled with oddball characters and extreme camera angles.

This all goes together to put H&M to the foreground of higher high street fashion and escalates them into being one of the most creative and forward thinking brands in the industry today.

Lavin H&M launched in the US and Canada on 20th November 2010 and will go worldwide on the 23rd November 2010 instore and online.  Grazia Online has some great tips on how to fight your way in if you do decide to go down to the launch.  Pieces ranging from £24.99 for an illustrated t-shirt to a bow necked dress coat for £199.99. The Show is directed by Mike Figgis.  Images sourced from H&M Press.

The original design illustrations by Elbaz and couture looks from the Lanvin H&M runway in New York are being auctioned for charity, bidding finishes on 26th November 2010. 

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Catherine Hudson said...

I wish I had bought that yellow dress now : ( Lovely illustrations xx

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