Friday, November 19, 2010

Sight unseen.

St Pauls' new shopping destination, One New Change has recently unleashed the views from it's 6th floor roof terrace on Twitter with this beautiful set of photographs by Ian Gavan for Getty Images.

It is not everyday that new views of London appear.  I'm not bored of the old ones, millennium bridge across to St Pauls, The London Eye and Big Ben, through More London to catch a glimpse of Tower Bridge.  All parts of London are seen all the time from every different angle so, it's refreshing when a new view crops up.

In these images you can see old, new and not even built yet London.  These views have made me even more excited for when the Shard is finished.  It's already providing an amazing backdrop and focal point of the London bridge, City and Borough areas.  All I can think is that the photos will be amazing!

I'm definitely going to make a trip down to One New Change to check out the view and I'll probably stop by the shops too, well it would be rude not too!  LovePeachyKeen has a full review of what you can expect and what you should be going there for.

Images from Getty Images via One New Change, St Pauls on Twitter @One_New_Change.

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