Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a few cards

Mark Weaver, Midcentury Holidays

If you are looking for Christmas cards this year, look no further than Just A Few Cards.  This collection of nine artists was chosen by Paul Octavious of and Shawn Kelly of after they discovered they had a shared opinion about the state of Christmas cards available to them.

Julian Callos, Warm It Up!

Joe Van Wetering, Exploded Christmas Tree

Highlights of the collection include, Exploded Christmas Tree by Joe Van Wetering which brings 'all the pageantry and fanfare of the Rockefeller Center' and Julian Callos' Warm It Up!

Mark Weaver, Military relations between the US and Japan for The New York Times

Mark Weaver for The Sunday Times

Mark Weaver, 1959

Illustrator, Mark Weaver, is another of the artists taking part in the project.  As well as the Christmas cards designed for Just A Few Cards, Weaver has illustrated for magazines on both sides of the Atlantic including, The New York Times, WIRED Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazine.

Mark Weaver, Air

Mark Weaver, Earth

Weaver's prints combine old photographs, typography and illustration.  Each is unique but there are themes running through, circle cut outs, figures from history and singular statement letters and words, such as EARTH and AIR superimposed over images of astronauts and mountains.

Mark Weaver, Self Portrait

Mark Weaver, Revenge

Many of Weaver's prints are available to buy, particular favourites of mine are his self portrait and what he describes as a 'close to what the inside of my head looks like' and Revenge, a poster designed for the Kitsune Noir Poster Club which is his interpretation of Herman Melvin's Moby Dick.

Mark Weaver, 1966

Mark Weaver, USSR

Just a Few Cards are available to order at and you can view all of Mark Weaver's designs on and flickr.

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