Monday, February 28, 2011

Where has LookSeeNow been?

As you may have noticed LookSeeNow hasn't been updated over the past week. Whilst this hiatus continues - for only a short while longer - I give you a few links to other places you can find me or things which I've recently found interesting, which you may not have read yet. 

Where I have been:

Reviewing Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography at the V&A for

Reviewing London Street Photography at the Museum of London for

I've also updated the AllyAsh + LookSeeNow Tumblr.

What I have seen that you should see too:

Photographic collages by Damien Blottierre for Dazed & Confused (December 2010)

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre /via

More abandoned theatres on Desolate Metropolis

The beautiful photography and gluten-free recipes on Aran Goyoaga's blog Cannelle et Vanille

Director Philip Bloom's addictive time-lapse films, particularly Room with a view, Sky, and the details in Salton Sea Beach.

The shoes, coats and soundtrack of the Burberry AW 2011 show at London Fashion Week and the dresses at the Gucci AW 2011 show at Milan Fashion Week.

And finally...

Arne Jacobsen's Room 606 arrived from the warehouse this morning for me; I'm very happy about that.

Back soon in full force as this week alone is all booked up with things to do and people to see.

Image source Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography

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