Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are there too many good/bad images? (delete as applicable)

You may have noticed that my posts have recently been a little thin on the ground. It may be thought that I have not found anything to write about and have become disinterested, or it could be put forward that there may be too many good things to write about that nothing can stand above the rest and be noticed. Or perhaps it could be that everything is mediocre at the moment and once the sunshine comes and puts everyone in a better mood we'll have an onslaught of good things to contend with.

Whichever way you want to put it, it did get me thinking about how many images we see every day.  The story is even more true for people who deal with images as part of their job. The picture people, the people who are at the picture desks of the worlds news teams.

Phil Coomes, Picture Editor for the BBC website said in a recent blog post that "at times we might feel that we have seen it all before and on some days the photos seem to blur into each other and are little more than illustrations of the text".

Whatever my reasons for not posting on here, I'm sure they will pass when something extraordinary stands out.

In the meantime I was cleaning out my hardrive and found some scans of family photos I did for a project at university. The image of my Nan above is a particular favourite of mine.

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