Monday, April 18, 2011

The Disney 50: Cinderella

Watching films on a TV screen - no matter if it's HD and got surround sound - just doesn't compare to watching them in the cinema on the big screen. So I was over the moon when we found out that the BFI Southbank was to screen every single Disney animated feature film this year. 

The Disney 50 screens one film each weekend, it started in January with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937),  Pinocchio (1940) and Fantasia (1940) which sold out almost immediately. We found out which films we wanted to see early on and watched eagerly for the tickets we wanted to be released.

Last weekend it was the time for Cinderella (1950), one of our favourites. Disney films are just around in your childhood, you don't realise that the majority of the classics were made before you were even born. It was great to see on the big screen, it brought all of the sweeping ballroom scenes and cat & mouse chases to life and the colours & sound were brilliantly restored.

We didn't really calculate that there would be small children there - seeing Cinderella for the first time and most dressed as Disney princesses - but they didn't disturb the film as there weren't many screaming babies. And as it's the BFI adults get provided with a fact sheet detailing the history and critical acclaim of the film.

In May my favourite Disney film, Sleeping Beauty is to be screened; we've already got our tickets.

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