Thursday, June 23, 2011

The basics of fashion design - I'm in a book!

At university, I collaborated with the fashion and brand promotion students on many projects - working within our strengths, we each knew what our role was rather than having a whole shoot to form by ourselves.

This image - styled by Stefanie Cherlet - was more of an out-take than a final shot, but somehow it's made it into Basics Fashion Design: Styling representing the benefits of working in a studio.

This isn't really a coincidence as one of the authors of the book, Jacqui McAssey, is course leader for fashion promotion at UCLan. Jacqui with co-author Clare Buckley, fashion editor for The Guardian Weekend magazine, has created a top-to-toe guide for anyone wanting to know more about styling. It includes everything from learning how to communicate an idea to what a stylist actually needs to do on shoot, a must read.

Read more about the textbook at AVA Academia.

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