Saturday, August 6, 2011

Revisiting the brilliant opening sequence for True Blood

One of my favourite programmes, True Blood has recently returned with a fourth season. Even if you're not interested in the story you'll certainly appreciate the title sequence for it's creativity and aesthetic brilliance.

"The piece extends from morning deep into the night," creative director for the opening titles, Matt Mulder told "And as it does so it's rhythms and content crescendo into increasingly darker and more aggressive territory."

“We decided early on, based on the exploratory work of designer Rama Allen and editor Shawn Fedorchuk, that a docu-style assemblage of footage would give us the rawness and impact we were after. Also it allowed us to treat the edit as more of a gumbo than a fine dining experience to heighten the immediacy of the sequence." Mulder continues.

“Fedorchuk knew he wanted the edit to rumble through the swamps, wilderness and cultures of the south to eventually reach into the hearts and minds of it inhabitants. This voyeuristic look into the psychological landscape of the story of True Blood would allow its viewers to see a patchwork quilt of images stitched together by the fervor of religious fanaticism and repressed sexual energy. Eventually boiling over into an animalistic lust, our “human” elements take on beast-like qualities invoking the shows supernatural themes.”

Watch the making of the title sequence to see how they made it all come together.

Follow the link to This Morning to watch Joe Manganiello the actor who plays Alcide Herveaux talking about True Blood Season 3 which airs on Channel 4 later this month (season 4 has already started in America if you're able to get that).


Giorgio said...

lokk at this:

Unknown said...

You're right, that is so similar, I'll need to find the actually documentary and watch that now. Thanks for posting the link.

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