Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It takes all sorts..

I love Twitter. Things start by Twitter, they get spread by Twitter and then solved by Twitter. It's not a one way street, you get to talk to people you don't already know, you can join in conversations half way through without fear of interrupting, you can find out news and get things done quicker than ever before. You are never alone, even when you're at home by yourself, you are not really, you're with a group of people who you have personally curated, that are into the same things you are and that you enjoy listening to what they have to say.

Chris Floyd has taken this one step further by photographing the people he talks to on Twitter in his aptly named project, 140 Characters. He started a year ago and now there's an exhibition of his photographs at HOST Gallery just off Old Street from November 3 - 17.

Here's the run down from Chris: “The idea for this came at a moment when I realised I had not seen or spoken to any of my closest, real and actual friends for over a month, I communicated with people on Twitter several times a week in bursts of 140 characters or less, yet I had never even met any of them,” he says. “As we are now well and truly living in a digital age I am aware that this ‘state of being’ is only going to deepen and the traditional ways our friendships play out, although they will not go away anytime soon, are going to have to make room for a new way of doing things.”

To find out more and to see what Chris is doing right now follow him @ChrisFloydUK

Monday, October 24, 2011

Global warming's got beautiful

If you've seen any global warming disaster movies, they always include some city being engulfed by waves of water rushing in from the nearby coast. Take The Day After Tomorrow, huge waves smash through the streets of New York and there's the obvious London disaster movie, Flood in which water rises over the Thames Barrier to cover the city.

But what would it be like the morning afterwards, when the watery city had settled? Filmmakers Olivier Campagne (of effects visualisation group ArteFactoryLab) and Vivien Blazi have tried to imagine it with their short film 5:46am. Take a look, it's eerie, but quite beautiful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

X Factor signifies return of the Epic-Ad

There's been a rush of long play adverts recently. Saturday's X Factor saw the launch of the second Yeo Valley campaign. The first Yeo ad - complete with nodding owl - launched last year and quickly became a cult hit on YeoTube (gotta love their channel name). This time round Yeo Valley take inspiration from boy bands throughout history and even X Factor judge Gary Barlow himself with the Yeo band The Churned taking centre, er, haybale complete with spade props, choreographed dance moves and key changes.
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