Tuesday, October 11, 2011

X Factor signifies return of the Epic-Ad

There's been a rush of long play adverts recently. Saturday's X Factor saw the launch of the second Yeo Valley campaign. The first Yeo ad - complete with nodding owl - launched last year and quickly became a cult hit on YeoTube (gotta love their channel name). This time round Yeo Valley take inspiration from boy bands throughout history and even X Factor judge Gary Barlow himself with the Yeo band The Churned taking centre, er, haybale complete with spade props, choreographed dance moves and key changes.

Rivalling Yeo is fellow yogurt maker Müller with their ad which enlists almost every cartoon character in the world to fight off a bulldozer, not as epic as Yeo but it still manages to pull your eye still after multiple viewings.

Suitably nostalgic is the new British Airways epic To Fly. To Serve. directed by Frederic Planchon with visual effects by MPC.

Twinnings are also raising a few goosebumps with their (slightly soppy) ad which seems to be aimed at the emotional older woman, the colours and soundtrack appropriately wishy-washy.

Flying the flag on the animation and illustration fronts are VW and Nokia. VW illustrate the timeline from the Beetle in 1954 to present day concept cars in Bluemotion Symphony. I'm partial to a VW ad not only because they were the makers of my first car, but because they do make good ads, which sometimes don't even have a car in them, and other times, they just make you go awww.

Nokia recently teamed up with everyone's favourite animators, Aardman for their mini-feature all filmed using a mobile phone and eventually becoming the biggest ever stop motion animation. Be sure to check out the making of - it's as cool as the final thing.

Hopefully these signify the return of the epic-ad as I'm pretty fed up of boring breaks and brands that don't use all the money they have behind them to create something brilliant.

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