Monday, November 21, 2011

London gets covered in mist, people photograph it.

Yesterday morning my Twitter-feed was flooded with images of London covered in mist. It was only 9am and I did wonder why so many were out so early on a Sunday morning but I am thankful they were else we would not have got some of the Twit-pic gems you see before you.

I was so inspired by the images that kept popping up throughout the day that I made a Storify to track them. You can see the full feed on (tweet me @AllyAsh to add ones you've found to the list), but I've decided to show my personal highlights of yesterday's images below. So ooo and ahhh away…

@arborday: Tree photo of the day: Mist by Lens 92

@BenStott: Sunday morning football

@brianlj: What's this slowly being revealed in the mist? Ah, it's the Cantabs Winter Head

@carrieapples: Here's a pic I took this morning

@se1/@dwese: Dramatic fog bank lifting behind The Shard in London

@gray: Pic by @gymclassmag.
Sometimes the Barbican looks like the cover
of a 70s scifi book or prog album. Beautiful.

@jamieriddell: The mist is rolling in

@mattleys: Also available in Mellow Fruitfulness

@mcmns: Football @ Blackheath (and top image)

@mcmns: The Thames @ Greenwich

@mikegrady87: Mini CABS

@rhodri: Golf. From a window of the 1218 from St Pancras.

@Tim: Golly it's a real pea-souper this morning 

@edwardiansnow: London you were very, very good today.

1 comment:

KatieG said...

Think I like the football post one best - eerie, simple and beautiful.

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