Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rob Spicer's painting-like photographs (+mist)

Seeing all the photographs of London under the cover of mist on Sunday reminded me of Rob Spicer's photographs which I came across through an afternoons browsing through Flickr. Spicer is an advertising art director by trade but he's also a keen photographer, producing wonderfully atmospheric photographs like the ones you see here.

I caught up with Rob for a quick chat about his photographs

What's your relationship with photography?
Photography is something I do in my free time but I am exposed to it within my profession. I work for an advertising agency. In our team we find a creative solution to a client's brief, which can range from TV to print to digital and other media depending on what's required. Then once an idea is bought, if it involves photography, we choose a photographer who we think will be right for the job, and then see the shoot through the production process. So, that's a long winded way of saying that photography isn't my occupation but it's still a part of my job.

Your photos have the feeling of great space, is this something you seek out?
I live in London, but I'm always itching to get out to the countryside for a walk. There is something about a big epic landscape tucked into the tiny frame of a polaroid that appeals to me.

The images are very atmospheric and resemble large landscape paintings especially in their colouring…
I think the colouring is more a quirk of the camera and film. I've tried to learn from previous results as to what may or may not work when taking a picture. But in all honesty, I never know what colours and detail will appear. That's part of the appeal for me about using Polaroid.

I've picked out a few photos which I think would look nice in a frame on my wall, do you have any favourites of your own?
There are a few snaps from Japan, India and The Lake District, but I think it's more to do with the memory of the experience that makes them stand out more.

Rob Spicer, thank you for speaking to LookSeeNow

See more of Rob Spicer's photographs on Flickr or follow him on Twitter @rdspicer

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