Sunday, November 20, 2011

Severed head, sorry, olive on a stick anyone?

A new Tesco Metro opened on Tooley Street this week - before you click away, bare with me - aside from the fact that I can now get hot chicken on tap for 12 hours every day, I was impressed with their marketing people for taking inspiration from the local area for their advertising campaign at London Bridge station.

Within 5 minutes of this new Tesco are some of London's biggest landmarks, the London (obs) Dungeons, HMS Belfast and the newest one, which EVERYONE seems to just love taking photos of  (yes I'm guilty too), The Shard. So do you see what the Tesco marketeers did? They made the food sold in the shop look like these landmarks. Not completely original, but it shows some thought has gone in to where the new store is and isn't just a pre-packed marketing package that's rolled out whenever they open one of their 200-odd new sites every year.

Well done Tesco, I look forward to walking around the new store in my PJs very soon. Oh, and with three aisles-sides of alchohol and two fridges full of fizz, you know your clientele very well.

I apologise for the UGGS the woman in the top image is wearing. I do not know her.

Read what London SE1 had to say about the opening on

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