Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time for some #leavingdrinks

It's funny the things that people you work with everyday notice about you. You don't realise until you threaten them with leaving. On Friday I had my last day at Phaidon before starting a new position at a different website and the among the things that I will apparently be remembered for (apart from my astounding work ethic and brilliant digital skillz) are tweeting, my supply of Yorkshire tea and that I replace the baked beans in my all day breakfast at the local cafe with chopped tomatoes.

I don't think you fully realise the creativity of the people you work with until they give you presents. In the morning I walked up to my desk to find a card which I was totally unprepared for at 9am in the morning and frankly reduced me to tears. Made by one of the guys who does publicity, he's made many wonderful cards and books which I've always admired, the envelope signified the theme of the day #leavingdrinks and was stamped with a tribute to the Queen's jubilee put through the Queen mangle with a Freddie Mercury 'tash. Inside was a card titled leaves depicting a tree "with no leaves because they have already left." The back is inscribed with twitter and a bird flying off into the distance.


Inside signifies everything confusing about my name in one image. Due to my company email address format I had been renamed Sashley and it also depicts the common misconception that my second surname is Cloud. As much as that would be very cool, it's not my surname. I love the card. Inside and out.

Later in the day I received a card from the people of Phaidon. Thanks to Rachel and Andrew for this one:

"OMG! Oz Cafe just tweeted that they're out of Yorkshire Tea AND chopped tomatoes! #unfollowed"

I had to ask about how they had come up with it and got it so perfectly arranged, apparently there were a couple of templates and practice runs before!

But wait, it gets EVEN BETTER. Inside the card was a Tate Membership. Yes that's right, a years UNLIMITED access to the Tate's exhibitions and the members room. And with the Tate Modern being just a 15 minute stroll down the Southbank from my flat, I think I may end up spending the entire summer there. I am absolutely stoked.

From now on, if you can't find me try the Tate.

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