Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's look at some pretty flowers down Columbia Road


I'd heard about Columbia Road Flower Market and had always wanted to go so last Sunday I was in the area and decided to pop down for a quick browse. Once you get past the amount of people (so many people), the market itself is a feast for the eyes. Just one bunch of flowers can bring a whole room to life, now imagine a whole road FULL of flowers. It was brilliant.


We went down around 2pm and there was still lots to choose from. They were in the process of discounting lots of bunches in order to get rid of them, many of which would still last for a good few days. I saw bunches of 20 roses in blush pinks and peaches going for £3 - great if you've got a dinner within the next 24hrs before they start to drop. I went for a couple of bunches of tulips for £5. They'll look great on my dining room table for the next week or so.

Columbia Road Flower Market opens around 8am and winds down around 3pm every Sunday


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