Thursday, May 31, 2012

The sun shines on The Shard, people photograph it.

Yesterday morning I looked at my Twitter feed as I got into work to find that I had missed a spectacular sight. As the City of London was covered in a haze of humid light the sun had aligned in such a way that it bounced off London's newest landmark The Shard.

"Did the Shard architects plan this for hazy, sunny mornings? If so they are geniuses." Tweeted @HawksmoorLondon.

And what a sight it would have been had I not been on a train heading directly west away from it. Luckily Twitter came to the rescue (much like it did during the London Mist) and here's some of the best photos I found of the phenomena which I'm looking forward to seeing each year. Thank you architects of The Shard.

Check out some of my favourites below. The photo above is by @evanstomd

@bermondseymike and @bondvigilantes

 @tonyfurber and @Iamlaurasmith

@joepsherry and @Balormungus

@daruma and @meemalee

@TheMrsT and @Bennjamon

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