Thursday, June 14, 2012

Student Street Photography Award winner announced

This evening London Festival of Photography announced the winner of the Student Street Photography Award as Jake Burge. The six finalists - Felix Davey, Giulia Mangione, Heather Shuker, Matthew Taylor, Paul Walsh and Jake Burge - were selected from entries across the British Isles. They all won the chance to work with street photographer Peter Dench and the London Festival of Photography organisers to produce a group exhibition at Orange Dot Gallery until June 29.

I've done a quick round up of this year's finalists so check out what they have to say and their photographs below.

Winner of the Student Street Photography Award Jake Burge exhibited at Hotshoe Gallery last year and was short listed for the Blurb student book awards this year.

"Seeing my dad's travel slides when I was younger got me interested in photography, plus I like the the straight forward method of clicking a button as I can't draw or paint, but found that using a camera can be just as creative. There is a lot of freedom in street photography and you never know what you're going to find."

Jake Burge

Felix Davey is from North Island and studied photography and film in Edinburgh. He's made documentaries and worked in Northern Canada, Africa and the Middle East.

"Photography makes sense of my long overland journeys in untrammelled parts of the world and helps to fulfil my genetic compulsion to tell stories. The idea that I could scrape by financially, while doing what I love, came later and is somewhat arbitrary. What fascinates me about the street is the notion of infinite possibilities."

Felix Davey

Giulia Mangione was born in Florence, Italy where she studied Russian and English. She started shooting pics with a compact digital camera in 2008.

"I think there are infinite stories out there waiting to be told, stories of social injustice, friendships and family stories and I believe photo projects and photo books are some of the better ways to capture and share these stories."

Giulia Mangione

Heather Shuker graduated from Central St Martins and is currently working on her MA in photography at the University of Brighton

"Street photography for me is all about people; I photograph "life" and "happenings", my approach being that of the unobserved observer, exploring everyday gestures and interactions to reveal people as they truly are."

Heather Shuker

Matthew Taylor started taking photographs as a child with his Dad's Pentax.

"Street photography interests me because it offers the chance to unite my love of all things visual with my curiosity about the lives of the millions of people I share a city with. Who are they? Where are they going? What are they doing? What are their hopes and fears? Can we get clues from looking at them?"

Matthew Taylor

Paul Walsh is studying at Brighton University and originally started taking photos as a starting point for landscape paintings

"I first started to go out taking pictures as research for my paintings but eventually I fell completely for the process of taking photographs and abandoned painting all together. I loved the immediacy of it, the pleasure of being out side and being able use my camera to observe and understand my surroundings."

Paul Walsh

The quotes above are from an article ran by Phil Coomes, picture editor for the BBC. Click here to read the full story. The top image was taken by Felix Davey on the day of the Student Photography Award workshop with Peter Dench. From left to right: Jake Burge, Giulia Mangione, Grace Pattison, Peter Dench, Matthew Taylor, Paul Walsh, Heather Shuker and Felix Davey is in the middle.

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