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Fund FINDS 2 by Harry Watts

It seems this is the season for funding requests so I'm picking and choosing which ones I feature so that you know which ones to spend your hard earned pennies on. The next project (because you've already donated to Erika Larsen's right?) is FINDS 2 by Harry Watts.

Based in Brighton Watts is a photographer who's worked with The Telegraph, Salvatore Ferragamo and the BBC. He's also studio assistant to the venerable Martin Parr and recently picked up the job of managing the studio of Ewen Spencer who shot the rise of The White Stripes in Three's a Crowd.

If that wasn't enough strings to his bow he's also looking for funds for the second in his FINDS series, before I divert you to the page where you can find out what you can get for your money have a read below of what he had to say when I spoke to him about the project.

How did FINDS first come about?
FINDS first came about from an exercise started by myself after leaving University. This exercise was in keeping my photographic eye in, I bought a cheap digital camera and took it everywhere, photographing everything and anything I could do. These images would just fill up memory cards and my laptop and wouldn't go anywhere.

This changed when I started working at Photoworks - Ben Burbridge and Gordon MacDonald asked to see what I was working on. I went home that evening and put an edit together of these images, after presenting them the edit they enncouraged me to work on these found sculptures. The process then led to seeking an output for the work. Not wanting to show the images in a gallery, the street became the best option.

The FINDS work is just an extension of what I see everyday I go out on the streets.

What made you want to print a paper, and then leave it for people to find?
The reason for printing a paper was from the want to distribute the images as a collection or exhibition. If the images were printed on cards, which was an early idea, and then left on the street they would loose there value as an object. But there is a wonderful quality that a printed newspaper gives. Also it was cheap and I could print loads!

How do you see your photographs?
I see my photographs as my look on the world, yes I am a photographer and I use photography to make my art. I really do seem them as street photography but I really don't like to put myself in any section I will leave that for others to do. The FINDS work is just an extension of what I see everyday I go out on the streets.

What's next?
So if the funding is successful there'll be 5000 copies printed for the Photo Fringe. There's also going to be an opening launch at the Aubin and Wills Store in Brighton on the 12th October.

I will then be placing the papers in 100 locations around Brighton. Places in both Brighton and London can ask to stock the newspapers but I hope to make it as easy as I can for people to find a FINDS newspaper. But just keep your eyes on the streets and I'm sure you'll see one in Brighton in October.

After the Festival I'll be taking the papers to London and hope to place them in another 100 locations.

Photo Fringe runs at various locations around Brighton from October 6 to Novermber 18 and if you want to see Harry Watts' FINDS 2 there get over to his funding page NOW because it closes on Monday (September 3).

Watch the video below with Harry Watts talking about FINDS 2

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