Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What to wear to an auction

Smart or casual, or smart casual? The post where I mix art and clothes - it is nearly fashion week after all

So auction season has arrived - Sotheby's in London saw a record sales for February last night - and it's right around the same time that I'm stuck in 'no sleep and all work+play mode' also known as London Fashion Week so when I saw this video from the Wall Street Journal with Kelsey Hubbard from Christie's I thought what better way to overlap these two worlds than with someone telling you what to wear to an art auction.

It seems that you can wear "whatever you want, we want to feel comfortable, we want you to feel like this is your house," Hubbard says - just as long as you don't rock up in your tracksuit bottoms and lounge around on the sofas that is. For evening sales, it's a different matter, "trendy, a bit more of a cocktail" is the right way to go.

I'll have you know that I'm resisting all urges to include some ideas that are in the shops now because I find it very difficult to do anything by halves. But it would be extremely inappropriate for me to post such things on here so if you do want links to some ideal things to buy catch me on Twitter.

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