Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New IKEA advert set in the woods with the fairies

So, it's been a while.. let's get straight back into business.

Just got in from the gym and switching the TV on I just caught the end of the new IKEA advertOf course I didn't know it was for IKEA when it captured my attention. The lights, they are so pretty. Like glow worms and fairies in a woods, table lamps, floor lamps and light bulbs hang in the trees and line the floor of a forest.

What also caught my eye is that it is very similar (some could argue a direct recreation) to Rune Guneriussen's work which I wrote about for Phaidon back in the day (2011). Read what I had to say about his work here

Rune Guneriussen, An upward displacement (2010)

Take a look at the full ad below

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